How to Determine the Cost of Exterior House Painting

house painting

House painting is a major and expensive home improvement project. Here are some tips to help you decide what house painting company to hire.

Price Variations

House painting prices vary based on the size, type of house, painting contractors and other factors. A large house painting price doesn’t mean that it’s a good deal. It just means that house painters are very busy and they’re competing with each other to get more clients. The larger the house painting prices, the more the average number of home painting services will be available for you and your budget.

How much will my house cost me per wall when I hire an interior house painting service? Usually, painting prices are for one room at a time. For example, if you hire a painter for your living room and bedroom, the costs will be different. For example, if you’re hiring an old wallpaper company for your old wallpaper, your total cost might include paint, grout and the popcorn ceiling.

What Is Included

Painting prices also include the cost of the siding, house painting contractors and other elements such as the prep work, colour and trim. The prep work includes removing the existing siding, applying the siding paint and then covering the old siding with new vinyl siding. The prep work may also include removing trim, sanding it and applying trim paint. These steps can increase house painting costs.

Painting prices include the cost of the siding, house painting contractors and other elements such as the prep work, colour and trim. The prep work may also include removing the siding, sanding it and applying trim paint. These steps can increase house painting costs. Pre-primed siding is less expensive because it doesn’t have to be painted.

house painting

How Are Overall House Painting Costs Calculated?

Average house painting prices are based on the square footage, condition and amount needed to cover each wall. The average cost is determined by adding the house painting cost to the actual square footage, and the house that is being painted. It is then multiplied by the number of walls that need to be painted. The total cost is then divided by the total square footage to calculate the average cost for house painting.

House paints come in several different types including latex, oil, acrylics and latex inks. Each type of paint has its advantages and disadvantages. The paint that you choose should be chosen based on the location where it will be used, the type of house that it will be painted on, your personal preference, cost and the desired colour. An advantage of latex paints is that they are low maintenance and do not chip.

The next factor that will be considered when deciding the exterior house paint price is the actual siding that will be painted on. Siding comes in different colours such as flat finish siding, stucco, vinyl and a wide selection of wood siding. The cost will be determined by the type of siding that will be used. Exterior house paints come in different quality levels including a low-cost coat of paint and a high-end top coat paint that will last many years. The cost will also include the finish required such as a gloss or a matte finish.

Once the location, type of siding and the house painting are decided then the house exterior painting will begin. It is important to take into consideration the weather of the area that will be painted so it is important to choose a painting that will withstand any weather that is in the area. This is especially true with painted siding. Pre-primed siding is an option that many people choose because of its ability to resist weather elements such as rain, snow and wind.

Final Cost

The final cost will include the primer and the paint itself. The primer is used to cover and protect the surface that will be painted on so it is important to use a good quality primer. A house painter will prep the surface by applying the primer and then he or she will apply the paint. This process can take two to three hours depending on the size of the house and the number of coats required. Once the house painting is completed it is important to allow time for the primer to cure so it can properly seal and protect the house.

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